Bandits team up with David Allan Coe!
by on December 14, 2016 in News


MANSFIELD, nurse OH- A country rap group and a historic country singer recorded a music video at the Ohio State Reformatory on Friday.

The Moonshine Bandits and Country Music Singer, store David Allan Coe, recorded one of their new music videos for an upcoming album that will be released in 2017.

Dusty “Tex” Dahlgren and Brett “Bird” Brooks shared their excitement to record a music video at the reformatory, in addition, to collaborating with David Allen Coe.

The Moonshine Bandits  haVE released six albums, and have released multiple music videos. Thier last album, Blacked Out, was released in 2015.

David Allen Coe is a famous country singer, who has spent time at the Ohio State Reformatory. Coe has released a handful of albums in his music career.

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