RELEASED: May 10, 2010
ARTIST: Moonshine Bandits
LABEL: Suburban Noize Records
Whiskey Women
  1. For the Outlawz (feat. Colt Ford & Big B)
  2. Whiskey River
  3. Shine With Me
  4. My Kind of Country
  5. Whiskey in My Soul (feat. Pruno)
  6. Fire It Up (feat. Daddy X and the Dirtball of Kottonmouth Kings)
  7. Summer Girl
  8. Los Banos (feat. Sunny Ledfurd, vcialis 40mg Ziggy Pockets & Derrty D)
  9. Whiskey and Cigarettes (feat. Durwood Black)
  10. Moonshine On Me (feat. Danny Boone of Rehab)
  11. American Pride
  12. Dash Fulla Cowoby Hats (feat. Mikel Knight & Duke Boyz)
  13. Get Loose (feat. Derrty D)
  14. Super Goggles (feat. Durwood Black)
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